Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Apparently I am very in tune with the universe. Yes, that's right. I am a veritable Shirley McClaine. I use her as an example because a long, long time ago, I read one of her books about her enlightenment and she told this story about how she spent the night in some hut in the Himalayas and only had one nasty yak hide or something to over up with, but she stripped down to her birthday suit and used her connection with all things holy to warm herself. She claimed it was the spirit or something that warmed her. Other explanations could be she had a little too much yak milk toddy before bed or that the yak herder hottie in town slipped in bed with her. Who knows.

Anyway, just yesterday I was mooning over everyone else's bloggy bling and awards. I was feeling a jealous because I am so very blingless and awardless. Would I ever be one of the cool kids?

Well readers, I am giddy, positively giddy I tell you, to have been awarded my very first award by my blog friend Missy over at The House of Flying Monkeys.

If you haven't been to her blog, go check it out. She's always got something interesting to say.

As the recipient of this award, I have been charged with the responsibility of passing it on to ten of my favorite blogs. Here's my cool kid list:

Derfwad Manor Mrs. G is absolutely hilarious and a very talented writer. She's gained a huge following in the short time she's been blogging and is kind of my idol.

Blonde Mom Blog Sweetly funny and she lives in my hometown.

Rima Rama Mama Drama Also always good for a laugh. Can you tell I need some laughs in my day?

Don't Touch the Cactus. Cause she's a bad-ass and also my sister-in-law.

Poot and Cubby Another cool mama.

Thursday Drive I so wish I had written her Super Wash post.

Oh the Joys Serious and funny all at once.

Ms Teacher She's a middle school teacher and an Obama supporter. We could be the same person. Hmmm.

Bad Mom Love the name and the blog.

Mommy's Dirty Little Secret. Just found her a few days ago, but I might be in love.

Now go spread some joy. Thanks Missy, you made my day/week/life.