Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Okay, I like Tim Russert just as much as the next guy, er, girl. Maybe more so, given that I have political junkie tendencies. But seriously, is it really necessary for NBC and MSNBC to devote 5 entire days to practically non-stop Russert coverage?

I was seriously bummed when I heard the news that he had died and at work, no less, because I love Meet the Press and was always eager to hear his analysis. I am more than sorry that he won't be around for the election. But really, I think the 5 days of glowing reviews of his achievements and sobbing and hand wringing on NBC and MSNB is a little much.

Makes me wonder what they'll do when Tom Brokaw or Matt Lauer bite the dust. Will we have a solid two weeks of TV mourning? Enough already.