Saturday, March 1, 2008

Shut Up and Pee!

Twice in the past week I have entered a ladies room, chosen a stall, started to do my thing and realized that the women next door is having a conversation on her cell phone. While she is using the potty. While she was, ahem, pooping, in one case.

What is so damned important that you must chat on the phone while your ass is parked on the john? I am sorry, but I can not think of a single topic, other than the notification of extreme bodily injury or death of a loved one, that could not wait the three minutes it might take you to relieve yourself.

Am I alone in feeling that this is a breach of etiquette? I mean, first of all isn't it a little disrespectful to the person you are calling? Do they really want to hear your bodily functions, all set to the backdrop of toilets flushing? Do they matter so little that you can't devote a couple of non-pooping minutes to talk to them?

And then, isn't it a little rude to everyone else in the restroom? They can't help but listen to your conversation in such close quarters. And it feels a little invasive to me. It kind of creeps me out knowing that a third party is privy to everything going on in the room.

This is surely a sign that technology and the need to be connected has reached too far into our lives. What's next? Texting during sex? Chatting on your cell while getting a pap smear? You have to draw the line somewhere and the restroom door is a good place to start.