Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Who Can Explain the Mind of a Three Year Old?

Lately Sweet Pea's favorite activity is being a Daddy to his stuffed dog, Mr. Stinky. Sweet Pea likes to dress him up in old baby clothes and pretend he is a baby. He has arranged a whole little house around our play kitchen. He feeds Mr. Stinky, reads him stories and then puts him to bed. It is very endearing.

On Sunday, I noticed that Mr. Stinky had a companion in his bed with him, a cute little blond in pink pajamas.

"Who is this new baby, Sweet Pea? Is she a friend of Mr. Stinky's?"

"Yes, Mommy. This is Mr. Stinky's friend. "

I could make a joke here about how Mr. Stinky seems a little promiscuous, but that is not the point of the story.

"What is the new baby's name, Sweet Pea?" I asked.

"Name?" asked Sweet Pea.

"Yeah, what's her name? Are you going to give her a name?"

Sweet Pea thought for a minute and replied, "Goose."

"Goose? The baby's name is Goose?"

"Yes, Mommy. This is Goose."

Meet Goose:


Important note for preceeding post--Man in question is 25. Woman is 34.

Cougar Territory

One of my best friends from college, Toodles, sent me an email yesterday with a special request from you, dear blog readers. No, Toodles is not her real name; it's the nickname our friend Bob Frawg gave her back in college. Did you all ever give people nicknames in college? We had a nickname for everyone from friends to professors to cafeteria workers. I digress.

Toddles is a 34 year old single woman. Of course I am biased, but I think Toodles is quite a catch. She is smart and accomplished. She has a PhD and is a university professor in a very tough scientific/medical discipline. She is outgoing, athletic and likes to have fun. She is also very petite and cute, something which guys always seemed to like back when I was in the meat market trenches with her. She really has everything going for her.

Like us all, though, she has had her share of dating mishaps. She has had several serious relationships, but they have not worked out for one reason or another.

She emailed me last night because she is in a dating quandary. She has entered unknown territory: Cougarville. I only know the sketchy details, as another one of her qualities is being sketchy about details, but apparently, she is dating a younger man. A MUCH younger man. I don't know the age difference but it must be big if she wouldn't fess up to it. She did say that the boy toy does not know who the Brat Pack was and has never seen or heard of The Breakfast Club. You do the math.

She did say that the guy is "awesome" and they get along "fabulously." And since she hasn't given him his walking papers yet, there must be something to really like.

So, her question is this: can a relationship between two people with a large difference in ages work? Should she continue on or should she stop it here?

I say go for it. My sister is married to a man who is nine years older than her (I think it's 9 years). They are very happy and I have never witnessed the age difference causing a problem.

I also say go for it because if you guys are happy, why end things? If you can put up it, why not?

What do you guys think? And do you think that the woman being older is a problem? We know men do it all the time. Does it make a difference if the older person is the woman?

She wants your input. Comment away!

Leap Year Cake Note

I am preparing to make the Leap Year cake and I just looked at the recipe I posted yesterday and realized I neglected to mention that part of the recipe is missing. I guess you figured that out. I assume you just combine all the ingredients in a cake-like manner. We'll see.

Hand Update

1 new keyboard pad: $17.00
1 box of Ben-jay: $3.99

1 new mousepad: $12.00

1 not-very attractive wrist guard: $15.00

The end of my excruciating hand pain: Priceless.

Let's see if it works!