Friday, March 28, 2008

Come On, You Know You Want One Too

Some guys have tasteful armbands.

Others have cool monochromatic celtic or tribal shit.

Some dudes prefer crazy-assed skulls.

Others wear their religion on their back.

Some unleash their inner animal.

Others are just plain freaky.

And beyond freaky.

My guy, he rocks a Happy Meal tatt.

That's why I love him.


jennifer h said...

You guys are really getting your freak on at your house.

That's badass, man.

Missybw said...

All that comes to mind is that old song "Pretty Fly for a White Guy". Tell Big B his gang sign is flyin' so high that he doesn't need Delta. Um, yeah. And, really, that's beyond bad ass. Ima sure gonna stay out his way, for realz.


richgold said...

That's so cuuuutttee.

Queen Mommy said...

My kind of guy!

stephanie said...

Your husband has the right idea - it won't scare the crap out of people on the street.

My man has a little gecko on his ankle and is wanting a sun on his shoulder. It makes me wince just thinking about getting one.