Thursday, March 20, 2008

Oh No, Honey, I Have No Idea Who Ate All Your Cookies

It is never a good sign when your husband asks, "What's with all the binge eating?"

Here is a list of all the delicious and not-so-delicious sweets I have consumed in the past 48 hours.

Three bowls of Cinnamon Life cereal--I had forgotten how yummy it is
75% of a box of Tagalongs (damn those girl scouts)
50% of a box of Samoas (damn them to hell)
20-odd Coconut Cream Hershey Kisses and a Vanilla Cream Russel Stover egg (damn the Easter Bunny too)
5-6 handfuls of apple-flavored fruit loop type cereal that I bought my self son as a special treat
1 apple fritter from the donut bar at Kroger
2 rock hard mini Babe Ruth bars that were totally not worth the calories
1 bowl of Pumpkin Spice pudding I found in the depths of my pantry, apparently leftover from Thanksgiving
Half a pan of homemade date bars--must save that recipe

The dimple factories in my thighs are working on overdrive. You would think that with all the medical know-how we have today, they could invent a pill that would miraculously eradicate those premenstrual cravings.


Anonymous said...

I hear ya, sista!
Did you know that pudding is seasonal? I just discovered it last year and got totally addicted just in time for it to disappear from the grocery store. Next year I am so stocking up!

Missybw said...

You want to hear irony... we had ordered 18 (yes, 18) boxes of Girl Scout cookies back in January, before the Diabetris came to visit. So now my pantry looks like something out of the cold war but we're living on cookies instead of Spam. You wouldn't happen to know anybody who likes Do-Si-Dos, Thin Mints or Samoas do you? I'll donate!

richgold said...

Food bank. Food bank recipients rarely get gifted box cakes and canned frosting (their kids have birthdays too). I'm sure your local would be very happy to receive something like that. It's for the morale of the troops!, as my mother used to say.