Sunday, March 16, 2008

Yucky Weekend

I do not have much to say and here's why.

Friday: Spend exhausted and nursing a sinus infection, stressing over big Middle School Praxis Test on Saturday morning.

Saturday: Drive across town in the rain to spend 3 hours taking a standardized test in a room full of coughing, sneezing equally-sick people. Test went well. Time spent studying math definitely helped. Did better on Math than Social Studies--a first and probable last. Now kicking self for not brushing up on Math before the GRE. Could have done so much better if I had studied and not gone out drinking the night before.

Come home, brain-fried, hope to take Sweet Pea to see Horton Hears a Who, but Sweet Pea does not want to go. What??? Bummer.

Spent rest of day putting Ladybug in and out of timeout for pinching and hitting. Sweet Pea goes to bed with no stories after rudueness, defiance and refusal to pick up his toys. He screams for 20 minutes. Head hurts.

Sunday: Go to a new church. Liked it. Bright spot of day.

Get home, recieve a phone call to let me know that an immediate family member with a history of heart disease has experienced serious chest pains and dizziness over the weekend. Can't say more at this time. Don't want to face it.

Perhaps tomorrow I'll feel like a real post.


Mamma said...

I'm sorry. I hope thing turn about okay.

Will check back.

jennifer h said...

I hope you hear good news.

All in all, it sounds like a lot of yuck to face in one weekend. Hope it gets better.

Sending good thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Long steamy showers are your friend. Tell your hubby I said to nurse you back to health. Feel better soon!

Missybw said...

Good lord... I'll keep the happy joy posts to a minimum today after knowing you went through all that. You need TLC and a Margarita - I'll buy the drinks!

Molly said...

Thanks everyone!