Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Who Can Explain the Mind of a Three Year Old?

Lately Sweet Pea's favorite activity is being a Daddy to his stuffed dog, Mr. Stinky. Sweet Pea likes to dress him up in old baby clothes and pretend he is a baby. He has arranged a whole little house around our play kitchen. He feeds Mr. Stinky, reads him stories and then puts him to bed. It is very endearing.

On Sunday, I noticed that Mr. Stinky had a companion in his bed with him, a cute little blond in pink pajamas.

"Who is this new baby, Sweet Pea? Is she a friend of Mr. Stinky's?"

"Yes, Mommy. This is Mr. Stinky's friend. "

I could make a joke here about how Mr. Stinky seems a little promiscuous, but that is not the point of the story.

"What is the new baby's name, Sweet Pea?" I asked.

"Name?" asked Sweet Pea.

"Yeah, what's her name? Are you going to give her a name?"

Sweet Pea thought for a minute and replied, "Goose."

"Goose? The baby's name is Goose?"

"Yes, Mommy. This is Goose."

Meet Goose:


Ginaagain said...

Cute! My son had an imaginary friend named Raisin. Who knows why kids pick the names they do?

andi said...

You think her dolls are promiscuous? My kid's Barbies have naked parties! I swear to you, I have NO idea where she got that idea.

Anonymous said...

Ellie prefers made up names. At least Sweet Pea uses real names! When Ellie was 3 her 2 Cabbage Patch dolls were Cremdi and Patya. When I was pregnant with Molly, Ellie thought the name
Allacazenia was pretty and told the midwife so when she asked what names we were considering. I was so embarrassed!


Missybw said...

Hey, busymom's daughter chose Shaniqua for her saint's name... Goose isn't looking so bad now, it it? And the naked Barbie parties are going on all the time at my Thi Thi's house... honestly, I think all those dolls do is loll about in the closet, naked, waiting on GI Joe to come by in the corvette. What a bunch of hoochies!