Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Toddler Talk

It's so nice to have a child whose speech has progressed at a normal rate. My son was a late talker. He hardly uttered a word until he was two. Ladybug, though, is right on schedule and knows hundreds of words now and uses them all the time. She is also a gregarious little girl and especially likes to speak to "babies." At least she thinks they are babies. They are usually about her age, but she seems to think she is a three year old like her brother and therefore anyone her age is a "baby."

For example, the other day at the library, we walked past another mom and a little girl about 18 months old. Ladybug checked her out as we walked past and then turned around and said, "Goo goo ga ga, baby." This is because when she was a baby, my son would say "goo goo ga ga" to her. Apparently now this is what she thinks you say to a baby. The baby looked very confused.

She also likes to make sure that all other babies know that things belong to her. We were walking in the neighborhood the other day and passed another child in a stroller. Ladybug looked at her from her perch in our stroller and yelled across the street, "MY STROLLER!" Maybe she thought the baby was shooting envious glances at our stroller. Who knows.


Anonymous said...

Oh my- you just described my girls to a tee. Wonder if it is a girl development thing. Ellie and Lane totally hit that stage and had hundreds of words by 18 months and sentences. The funniest was the MY stage though. We would be in the grocery store and pass another child and Ellie would glare at them and say "MY MOMMY" like the poor kid was really shopping for a new mommy! I remember telling her, they dont want me!Enjoy the cuteness!

We're praying for you here and hope you hear good news soon!

Missybw said...

I knew it... you were working a corner somewhere so you could save up and buy that Bugaboo Frog Stroller weren't you? That's why Ladybug is so proud.

Worried about you still... let us know when you get news one way or another. Meanwhile lots of bloggity good thoughts at ya!

Jennifer H said...

So funny. I'll just bet that other baby WAS shooting her a jealous look.