Friday, April 11, 2008

I am Crazy and Chivalry is Dead

It would seem that the universe is pointing me in a certain direction. Either that or I've lost my freaking mind!

At preschool on Wednesday, the day after I started Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, my son planted a bean seed. He was so excited. He came right home and started looking through the pantry because he wanted to plant one here. I found some dried red beans, we wrapped them in wet paper towels, stuck them in a baggie and taped them to the window. That evening, Sweet Pea could not stop talking about planting things. He is a frequent visitor to his great-grandmother's vegetable garden and his grandmother's flower garden and now wants to start his own. At bedtime that evening, I told Sweet Pea that we would stop at Lowe's on the way to the library and buy some seeds so he could grow a plant or two. Operative words here would be "a plant or two."

Later that evening, I got well into Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and made the decision that not only would we plant a plant for Sweet Pea, we would also attempt to grow some vegetables this summer. I was inspired. I was on my high-horse. We'll fight "the man" and give my son a lesson in agriculture!

So, yesterday on the way to the library, the kids and I selected a plethora of vegetable seed packets, some starting soil, and some little starter cups. I let Sweet Pea pick most of the veggies. He selected carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, several pepper varieties, green beans, and three types of tomatoes. I added my usual summer herb collection of chives, oregano, dill, thyme, rosemary, cilantro, and basil.

I have two small children. I have a dog who runs rampant in the backyard. I have no gardening experience. I just bought a gazillion packages of seeds to plant in my backyard, in a part of the country currently in a drought. I have lost my mind. This will be a learning experience, I am sure of that.

Now for the chivalry. The two bags of garden soil that I bought were humongous. Really large. I could barely lift them into the cart, and I am not that weak. I lift weights. I do push ups. I guess I need to do more, though, because these were too heavy for me. Of course there were no employees around and there never are. I managed to get them balanced at least on top of the cart, fairly evenly balanced I thought. Ladybug was in the cart seat, the bags balanced on top of the cart and Sweet Pea was walking beside us.

I made it to the checkout. The old guy at the checkout scanned everything and when I asked if anyone could help me get the bags into my car, he said there was no one available. OK, you jerks, I thought. I can manage.

We headed out into the parking lot. We were walking down the main lane in front of the store when we went over a speed bump and the cart tipped over. It was one of those slow motion things. I could see it all happen but could do nothing to prevent it. The momentum of the cart and the bags was too much for me to resist and the cart fell on its side, right on top of Sweet Pea, spilling Ladybug in a heap on the ground. Sweet Pea was screaming because he landed on his elbow. Ladybug was crying and trying to run away. I was trying to tend to them, right the cart, and pick up the 300 lb bags of soil.

Directly across the lane were two Lowe's employees, men, looking at the grill selection and talking to a customer, also a man of able body. All three saw the accident. Did any of the gentlemen come to assist? Nope. They just kept on flapping their jaws about the features of the grills, while I tried to keep my 18 month old out of traffic, calm my three year old and lift two giant bags of soil into the cart.

Who came to my rescue? You can probably guess it....two other mothers with babies. That's right, one mom held the babies while the other mom and I lifted the bags of soil into the cart.
And they say we're the weaker sex.

What a pathetic example of the male species these guys were. And Lowe's is lucky my kids were not seriously hurt.

More on the seed planting tomorrow.


Queen Mommy said...


Appalling, just appalling. We moms have each other's back, that is for sure!

Sheesh it really is disgusting!

Oh and good luck on the gardening!! It is such fun and the kids get totally into it!

Jennifer H said...

Those bastards.

I would have had to drive over to them afterward and give them a piece of my mind.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

What the HELL!?!?

Ugh. I can't believe they didn't offer to help you!

Good luck with the gardening. We bought some tomato plants and herbs last week at Home Depot to plant and they're calling for snow flurries tonight?!?

My husband's dad's cousin (got that) has a HUMONGOUS garden north of here and we try to drive up a few times every summer just for the home grown tomatoes. It is so worth the drive!

just jamie said...

Jeez. No freaking way. Well, okay. I guess it doesn't entirely surprise me.

Hope you made it home safely after that and got down and dirty with nature.

ms-teacher said...

Your story reminded me of when my husband used to take our three children out to the mall to give me a break. He would always come home marveling at how nice people were to him. Women would open doors for him as he tried to push the stroller through the doors and would say stuff like how wonderful dad he was, blah, blah, blah.

Yet when I would take the same three kids out, more often than not, I would struggle to get through the door. Such a double standard :)

richgold said...

Weaker sex, we're not, unless you count the crying ... your story brought tears to my eyes. I'm sorry they guys at Lowe were shits (I'd write to the President of Lowes and ask him about the meaning of customer service), and that Sweet Pea and Ladybug were spilled in the incident.

It's a real disappointment, chivalry is.

Mary Alice said...

You didn't turn around and yell at them..."Hey Guys Thanks alot for all your flippin' time you're wondering why you don't get enough why don't you take a long hard look at yourself?" Cause see, I would have been THAT mad.